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How to choose psychology topics for research papers that are really interesting

There are probably millions of different topics suitable for psychology research papers, but many of them are boring or unimpressive to instructors. It’s important to choose a topic that the student is interested in so that they’ll be motivated to research thoroughly and write an interesting paper. It’s also important to choose a topic that piques the curiosity or the interest of the instructor in order to make sure that the student gets the best possible grade for all of their hard work. Here are some tips for choosing a psychology topic for a research paper that’s really interesting:

  1. Current events
  2. Check out psychology related news items, current events, and topics that are currently hot in current peer-reviewed journals. There’s a reason so many people are writing about those topics right now—they’re interesting! By going to current events to find a great topic, the student can be sure of finding one that is interesting to the academic community, and by extension, to their instructor. It also means that there will be plenty of current information to research, so the student will have more than enough material to write their own paper.

  3. Controversies
  4. Few things offer as fertile a hunting ground for interesting topics as controversies. Look up hotly debated psychological topics. If the leading minds in the field can’t come to a consensus on a topic, a student can be certain that it’s one that poses some intriguing questions. Like current events, controversial topics also guarantee that there will be plenty of source material to research, because there will be lots of debate on opposing view points. There’s also likely to be a lot of original research on controversial topics, as the best minds will want the privilege of finding the right answer.

  5. Passion
  6. While it may not be a current event, or a controversial topic, an idea that a student is passionate about can make for a very interesting research paper. That’s because the topic’s potential to be interesting doesn’t depend solely on the topic itself, but also on the student’s approach to it. If there’s a topic that the student is truly passionate about, they’ll bring new perspectives and ideas to the topic. These new perspectives and ideas can enliven even an otherwise boring topic and make it interesting to the reader.

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