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Top Research Paper Topics for Earth Science

Earth sciences are very interesting to study, because they provide knowledge about the world people live in. If you need to prepare a research paper and choose a topic for Earth science, you have many of great options to choose from. Look through the list of top research paper topics below, pick the topic, and start your research.


Volcanoes significantly change the Earth’s surface. They develop and pass different stages of development. There are several main types of volcanoes, they are different in terms of lava amount and temperatures, fragments of rocks, and types of eruption. Volcanoes shape lives of millions of people all around the world. Long time ago, volcanoes led to collapse of ancient cities, and today they are still dangerous.


Earthquakes often warn of impending volcanic eruptions. However, in most cases they have nothing to deal with them. The different forces cause the shakes of the Earth surface and destruction of infrastructure. Study the information about the continental drift, find out what seismic area is, and how people predict the earthquakes.

Famous travelers.

Our planet seems small, but for centuries, brave people jeopardized their lives to find new continents and discover save sea routes. They studied the world around, learnt different cultures, and founded new cities. You can write about Charles Darwin, Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Francis Drake, Thomas Cook, and others.


When they hear about wetlands, most people think about mud, and indeed they are muddy and wet. The vegetable kingdom there is unique and many plants are medicinal. These ecosystems contribute to the water balance of the area. The provided regulating ecosystem services are precious and cannon be replaced by man-made constructions.

Climate Change.

Global warming causes climate change. Anthropogenic greenhouse gases ruined the natural balance in the atmosphere, so humanity faces the most rapid change of weather conditions and the sea level rise in history. Many ecosystems are extremely sensitive to the temperature growth, therefore they can disappear within the decades. Write about the ways of climate change mitigation and adaptation, describe numerous good practices that are implemented in different countries.


Geography is the science about places and spaces. In ancient times, first geographers described countries and their population, culture and traditions, nature and economic activities. Today geographical interdisciplinary approach helps scientists gain solid understanding of how people interact with natural environment, what influences ecosystems, and why humanity faces modern environmental crisis.

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