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How to Create a Proper Cover Page for a Term Paper

Writing a report takes time and careful effort. When you write a report for school you must be careful to follow the directions of your format and ensure that the layout of your paper is on par with what is expected of you. One of the many elements necessary for a proper term paper is a cover page. This is the first thing your professor will see when reviewing your essay. It is also the first viewing readers will have of your essay.

The cover page acts much like a cover page on a resume in that it offers the quick “reader’s digest” snapshot of what the report is and who wrote it. When you are writing a cover page for your term paper it is important that you include all vital information required by your format. The format can be Harvard style formatting or APA format. You might be asked to write in Chicago format or the most common format: MLA.

Generally speaking the cover page will include:

  • Your title
  • Your name
  • The name of your academic institution
  • The course name
  • The date

Some formats require page numbers or particular headings. This is why it is important to check with the outlines for the format required of you. The main information is often centered and placed in the middle of the first page. Again it is important to double check with your professor regarding the format you are expected to use. When you are writing your paper it is important to find a good topic too. Review the examples below to see if you can find anything that interests you:

  • You can write about whether there are certain categories of citizens who should not be given the right to vote
  • You can write about the influence that the internet has on the development of social skills among children
  • You can write about whether you believe the internet should be regulated by the government
  • You can address whether there should be a constitutional amendment which offers gays and lesbians the right to marry
  • You can write about the advantages as well as the disadvantages to working for yourself
  • You can address the issue of cancer and its growth around the world

Remember that these examples should serve only as a guide.

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