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Informal Format Of A Term Paper Writing: Is It Even Possible?

Considering all of the academic papers that are required to be written in the course of ones higher education it is not uncommon to question whether or not it is possible to write them in an informal voice. With many of the term papers and such so indicative of the dry straightforward style of academia it would be nice to add some personality to them by writing a paper that is more relaxed while still conveying the necessary information in a polished professional way. In this essay I will explain how to accomplish such a feat as writing an entertaining academic paper.

How to start

Writing a composition in an informal voice starts out identically to a normal academic paper. You are still required to gather all of the information through research, follow the proper formatting, and cite all of the sources correctly. The content and the voice is where the paper begins to change. Believe it or not, the first person tense that APA lends itself to makes writing informally rather easy.

Make it fun without compromising professionalism

To do this, simply add relevant life experiences and humorous stories to the paper to spark the reader’s interest. This will keep the educational experience enjoyable for the audience as they read the information and research provided in the paper. If the subject matter is made more relatable and human then the audience is more likely to connect with it and remember the material. In my experience many professors will give higher marks to a paper that they enjoyed reading than to a paper that flawlessly follows the rules but is dry and boring. Unfortunately this is not all professors which brings me to my next point.

Audience is everything

Pay close attention to your audience. Where as many professors enjoy the wit and originality of a slightly informal style essay, some do not. There are many reasons for this. Some of which could be that the professor believes that academic writing is not the place for lightheartedness, the paper is a bit too informal and it clouds the professionalism, or the professor simple does not enjoy that style of writing. Whatever the reason it is important to know your audience and gauge whether or not the style will be enjoyed.

As I previously stated it is possible and occasionally even profitable to write your term paper in a slightly informal voice. Simply keep it balanced to maintain the academic air, follow all regular formatting rules, and know your audience. By executing this style your writing stands to become more enjoyable for both you and your reader.

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