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How to Improve Your Term Paper Abstract

If you have finished writing your term paper and have already written the abstract, you or your mentor might get a feeling your work lacks something, and you can’t quite put your finger on what exactly that might be. You can check your abstract to see if it is missing something from the following list or just use these pointers to improve it:

Make sure your term paper abstract is brief but informative.

  • It shouldn’t take up more than a page, or 250 words in the Times New Roman font, size 12.
  • Make sure it is structured in an orderly fashion and that it has these sections in it:


    Main part, or body


  • Make it into one paragraph and use single spaces.

Follow the same outline your main paper has.

The abstract is basically supposed to be a smaller replica of the main paper, having similar sections and a similar outline. Need help with academic or business paper? Try writing service

  • Write an introduction with the mention of your motives and the relevance of the problem.
  • Include the description of your objectives, the bigger picture around the problem researched and the magnitude of the field processed by your research. Also briefly describe your methodology, the angle at which you have approached the problem, and what means you have used to solve it.
  • Lay out the results of your research. Say what you have achieved, found out or discovered in the course of the research, what goals you have met among those you set in the beginning.
  • Add a discussion part if you feel like it will help, or if your mentor told you so. Spill some water on how your problem looks now after you have discovered and achieved something new. Discuss the future of this field of study and its implications on other related fields, or embrace a larger, more global scope to talk about global meanings.
  • Draw conclusions. Revise your initial goals and talk about what you have changed, focusing on what you had in mind in the beginning of your research.

Polish your style, pacing and density.

  • Remember to keep each sentence or thought short and to the point
  • Use keywords from the actual paper itself for easier online search
  • Do not be too short, be succinct, make your sentences contain enough information and meaning.
  • Be specific
  • Avoid fussiness, be assertive and follow a rhythm.

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