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College research papers are necessary in an academic sense. Hence it is necessary for students to choose the research paper with care. Make sure to choose a subject you will be comfortable with. A wrong choice can put you in an awkward situation.

Here is a list of research paper topics for you that may easy your burden. These topics are trendy and have a great scope.

List of topics:

  1. Coverage of Crime in Media: Is the media telling the truth? There are two sides to a story as there are two sides to a coin. The media is as powerful as the government, but are they showing only one side of the coin? Some media are corrupt and have been bought. Some media reporters are paid to cover specific stories. Some media fail to capture the true nature of the crime.

  2. Effectiveness of the death penalty: Is the death penalty effective? Has the death penalty created a fear in the minds of crime doers? If you are writing a research paper on this topic make sure to check the statistical data to clarify if the death penalty has decreased the crime rate.

  3. The effect of 'Workaholism': The new trend of working long hours has created serious mental as well as physical problems. All relationships are affected by this. People have immersed themselves in work that they have lost meaning to life. Early cases of heart-attacks as well as mind problems are on the rise.

  4. The fading art of socializing: The dawn of technology has degraded our socializing skills. We are more connected to people through networking sites than physically. We are losing our ability to communicate face-to- face. These networking sites were created to bring people closer to each other, but it has put us further away from each other.

  5. Right age of decision making: What is the right age for people to make decisions? What is wrong with the current age?

  6. Increasing the acceptance of homosexuals: Since the beginning, society has dreaded to accept homosexuals freely. We have been very conservative and have distanced ourself from them. It is time to consider them equal and respect them. It is important for us to respect them as human beings.

  7. The Rich and Poor: Why are the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. It is necessary to contemplate this. What are the government doing about this? Are the multinational companies donating money? Is technology the reason behind the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer?

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