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A guide to selecting brilliant college research paper topics

Writing a research paper that is considered brilliant involves selecting a topic that you can truly embrace. This means that you should only look into topics that are of interest to you. Choosing a topic that you peaks your interest is a better option than choosing a topic that you think will impress your instructor.

Select a Relevant Topic

The first step in selecting a brilliant topic is to choose something that is relevant to the course you are taking. If the course is simply about research skills, then you will most likely have an unlimited amount of options. In order to limit the choices, you should begin by looking at research paper topics online. This should inspire you to find something of interest. Begin to jot down the topics that look fascinating to you. Do not begin to make cuts on your list, because you never know what you could do with any of the items on your list.

Conduct Preliminary Research

Once you have a list, the next step is to do some preliminary research. This simply means that you look around to see what information is available to you. If it seems that a topic has limited information, then you might want to remove that one from your list. If all of the information is based on opinions and suggestions, then remove those topics, too. You want to narrow your list of topics to those that have a substantial amount of proven research so you can support the topic with quality sources.

Narrowing the Topic by Adding Ideas

After reducing your list of topics, you should be able to make a decision about the topic you want. If you still feel like the topic is too broad to use on a research paper project, then you should look at ways to narrow it to a manageable topic. For example, you might choose a topic about standardized testing in schools. This topic is very broad and there is ample research about it. At this point, it is not arguable, so you will want to chip it down to something like “secondary schools should adopt courses to help students perform better on standardized tests.” This highly focused topic can be researched and argued in a variety of ways, making it an effective topic. Your topic should not be a single word, but it could start out that way.

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