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How To Choose Unusual Term Paper Topics On Finance

Your school experience includes a lot of writing, and almost no student can escape the inevitable term paper. Choosing a unique and unusual topic within your field of finance may seem daunting at first, but it’s not as difficult as you may think. Do unusual topics still exist, or has everything already been written about? That’s a good question, and the answer may lie in two areas. First, you can almost always find a new approach to an old idea; second, there are news articles trending all the time in finance, and new information is the best way to find something unique.

The only problem you may run into with an unusual topic is that it may be much more difficult to find research sources. If it’s something that hasn’t been covered very well in the news or published works, it may be hard to find enough supporting information to write a term paper out of it.

You may spend a great deal of time looking for sources when in the research phase; this isn’t too different from choosing a common topic and then spending many hours sorting through copious amounts of available resources. Either way, the research phase needs an ample amount of time in order to be effective.

Some examples of unusual topics may include the following list. Be aware that you can take these general ideas and make them your own or even more unique by adding a different twist.

  1. 1. The strengths and weaknesses of Cairo as a Tourist destination
  2. 2. The economic status of Indonesia
  3. 3. How does globalization impact social policy in developing countries?
  4. 4. The greatest financial challenges facing the member countries of the European Union
  5. 5. Is the Japanese yen performing up to expectations?
  6. 6. What are the consequences of removing tariffs?
  7. 7. How does international business impact the financial growth of the U.S. economy?
  8. 8. What are the financial impacts of the globalization of airlines such as Emirates Airlines?
  9. 9. Is there a need for a single global currency?
  10. 10. White collar crime and how serious is it in America?

A final way to tap in on some unusual paper topics is to browse the graduate papers, or in other words theses and dissertations of previous graduates and find out what they have stated as further research that should be done. This is a great way to get fresh topic ideas.

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