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How To Write A Conclusion For A Research Paper

The conclusion of a research paper contains the essence of all your research. It should be given utmost consideration with no compromise at all with its quality or the content. Even if you have written an excellent introduction and the body paragraphs of your research paper, a bad or incomplete conclusion can curtail a considerable amount of your marks. The conclusion of a research paper is nothing but the introduction of your research paper is again given by using a different approach and choice of words. It is not difficult at all and it just requires your proper attention.

Some critical rules and tips to consider when writing a conclusion of your research paper:

The following are some of the major rules and tips which ensure that you write a quality and a comprehensive research paper:

  • Restate your topic in your conclusion. Do not use any filler words or sentences and try to be precise and to the point.
  • Restate your thesis statement as well apart from your topic statement. It should also be written to the point with no irrelevant details to fill up space or the word count required.
  • After the restating part of your topic and thesis statement, begin summarizing the main points of your research topic. The majority of your main points are discussed in the introduction part of your research paper. So, you need to just rephrase them again in your conclusion very comprehensively.
  • Your conclusion should have some logic and a natural flow. It shouldn’t look abrupt.
  • The writers do have the liberty of writing an open conclusion where they can pose a question related to their research. The writers do have to make sure that the question they asked can be answered by reading the body paragraphs of the research paper. If you want, you can summarize the answer as well after posing the question.
  • Make sure that you do not introduce any new idea in the conclusion of your research paper. It is a very common mistake which most of the writers make. Introducing a new idea can have a very negative impact on the reader and can result in the reduction of your marks.
  • Close your research paper or your conclusion with a valid closing remark and the closing sentence can be your own opinion or the facts you find from your research conducted.

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