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Some Tips for Writing a Middle School Research Paper

During your time in middle school, you are required to write your first research paper.  I remember my research topic and the whole writing experience clearly.  For me, it was enjoyable.  I’m thankful that it was enjoyable for me, because it is this first research paper that sets the foundation for your whole future writing endeavors. In giving you some help in writing a middle school research paper, utilize the following as recommendations to help you write a great research paper.

On Choosing a Topic

  • The number one reason why I enjoyed my first experience so much is because I choose a topic that I was very much interested in.
  • As I conducted research surrounding the existing literature, I eagerly liked learning more and more about my topic.
  • Research papers take time to write, and to a middle-school student, it seems like a very long time.  It is.  You spend a lot of your English classes devoted solely to the research paper.  Therefore, you want a topic that you really like.
  • I remember observing that students who liked their chosen topic the most also seemed to enjoy the whole process more than students who didn’t seem as interested in their topic.

Include all Sections Expected in a Research Paper

  • Your teacher will, or currently is, thoroughly going over and teaching you about all the necessary parts of well-written research paper.  Use the following as a simple guide that outlines the key point in one nice tidy spot.
  • Start with the Introduction.  The introduction introduces the reader to your topic and includes your thesis statement.  Great introductions always end with the thesis statement.
  • Support your thesis statement (your side of the argument) in the body of the paper.  A helpful way to organize the body of your paper is by first creating an outline.  Make the outline as detailed as possible.  This is a tip!  A detailed outline allows the actual writing to almost write itself.  If you do utilize this tip, you will experience this first hand.  It really works!
  • Don’t forget to include the conclusion.  This may seem obvious.  However, by the time a student gets to the conclusion, he or she is so vested in the overall paper that this part can be easily forgotten.
  • Great conclusions restate the original thesis in a more authoritative way and offer suggestions for future research that moves your research forward.

You first research paper in middle school may at first be overwhelming and seem like a daunting task.  Devote time to it and keep up with your teacher’s deadlines for turning in your note cards, writing the outline, and getting that first draft in.  If you keep up with the whole process and utilize this helpful guide, you are sure to turn in a winning research paper.

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