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A list of possible finance research paper topics

Selecting Your Topic

When you are writing a research paper, specifically one related to the field of finance chances are you have been given the freedom to select your topic. Many cases allow students to find a topic about which they are passionate, or at least one which relates to the content of the course. But with this much freedom, some students come under pressure and find that they are unable to hone an appropriate topic, let alone an appropriate thesis. So how can you select your topic?

  • It is best to pick something that you have some level of curiosity about. In fact, if you have always been curious about a particular topic but never gone out and studied it, the research paper is the perfect opportunity for that. You can learn about the subject matter in depth.
  • If you pick something you don’t care about or is of no interest to you, you won’t be highly motivated to do thorough research… or any research for that matter.
  • It is also important to pick a topic that is the perfect size. Think of Goldilocks: you want a topic that is not too big and not too small. With the wealth of resources available today, picking a topic that is too large can be quite a burden, leaving you drowning in a sea of resources and unable to fish your way out.

Finding Topics

If you are in need of finance research paper topics, take a moment to scan the examples below. You can use them as inspiration for a topic that fits your project requirements:

  • Write about tax reform
  • Write about competitive implications associated with electronic terminals in a bank
  • Write about access issues that arise when electronic funds are transferred
  • Write about the changes that bitcoin has brought to the modern world of banking
  • Write about the need to securing personal data that is held in storage. Specifically compare the measures taken to encrypt information when a transaction is being made versus the lack of measures taken to protect and encrypt information after a transactions has been made, that just sits in storage.
  • Write about the macroeconomic effects of interest payments for demand deposits
  • Write about short run money supplies
  • Write about how irrelevant the debt maturity structure is

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