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It is Very Complicated Task to Find a Controversial Topic for Your Research Paper 

Controversial research topics are those that strike debate and controversy. The general idea behind such term papers is presenting a topic which covers an issue which a lot of peeps have diverse and powerful views. Essentially, controversial topics (also known as argumentative topics) often talk about issues related to religion, environment, politics or humanity or politics. Nonetheless, it can be a complicated task to find a controversial topic for your research paper. Although it is somewhat complicated to find a controversial research topic, with the right approach, it is easy to land yourself one. 

Here are several places you can search for controversial topics: 

  • You can check for controversial issues in newspaper.
  • Books as well as magazines can also be helpful.
  • Other excellent sources of information include online libraries, blogs as well as other databases.
  • Reading previously written research papers on controversy issue is equally assistive.

For some people, the complication lies not in finding a controversial topic for their essay, rather choosing the most appropriate is the problem. Because it involves giving a strong opinion, a student ought to concentrate on a topic that they personally care about. Select a topic that is not only productive but also academic significant. Once you have done this, choose the side that you want to defend and stick to it by providing strong opinions and sentiment in the essay. In case you have a hard time choosing a controversial topic, here are a few of them that you can discuss. 

  • Do Violent Video Games and Cartoons Fuel Behavioral Problems?
  • How Accurate is the information we get from the Media?
  • Should be Abortion be Legalized?
  • Is it Okay to Feature Executions on National Television?
  • Should Gay Marriage be legalized?
  • Teenage Pregnancy
  • The Appropriate Age to Have a Baby
  • Should the Government Provide Condoms to Students in High School?
  • School Dress Codes
  • Extremist Groups
  • Should the Government Legalize Marijuana in the Country?
  • Homosexuality
  • The proper Age to Have Sex
  • The Appropriate Age to Get Married

Even though it is somewhat difficult to find a controversial topic for your essay, with ample reading and sufficient research, it is just a matter of time before you come up with a juicy topic for your term paper.  


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