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How To Compose A Research Paper Conclusion Properly: Useful Tips

Like most things- if not all things!- a research paper has to have a beginning, a middle and an end, and the end bit can often be the most difficult! So here are some tips:

Briefly restate the topic.

Firstly, you need to restate your topic title, but there's no point in going over things that you've spent your whole essay discussing. You should introduce your conclusion with a brief overview of the topic at hand and nothing more- a single sentence should suffice.

What was your original intention outlined in your essay introduction?

Summarize, restate and rephrase your introductory essay statement in relation to the findings you will be disclosing in the conclusion

Key points are crucial!

To write a good conclusion, you need to be able to concisely summarize key points made in your essay without restating it all in any unnecessary detail. Show how those points relate to the findings you have come to and how they are significant.

Is further reading relevant?

You may wish to include a call for action for your reader, in that despite the end results, findings and outcomes, there is a need for further research. This is usually not necessary in literary essays, for example, but can be common to essays dealing with scientific research studies, for instance. When making a call to action, it can also help to add a suggestion of where your reader can find the further data required.

Use logic!

A conclusion should be logical. If your assignment has been showing a multitude of sides of a topic, incorporate them into a logical opinion based on the evidence you have given.

Should I ask a question?

Sometimes it helps to end with a question. Ask a question that gets to the very core of your essay. This can aid your conclusion being brought back full circle to your original introductory topic question. You can then give your evidence and opinion in a more coherent and fitting way.

More tips.

  • Don't use cliched terms, such as writing: “In conclusion...”
  • Don't include any new details that haven't already been mentioned in your paper.
  • Make sure your essay is written in a consistent tone throughout and that this doesn't change when you come to writing the end summary and findings.
  • Be strong and consistent with your findings. Don't be apologetic in saying things like, “Of course this is only my opinion, I might not be right.”

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