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How to Write an Abstract in APA Format for a Psychology Research Paper?

The abstract is a necessary part of any academic research paper. It contains a short summary of every part of the paper and it should normally take up to one page and 150-250 words. The following recommendations will help you to write the abstract in a proper way:

Double-check your formatting.

Some of the paper’s general features remain for the abstract as well. It is written in the same Times New Roman, 12pt font, the text is also double-spaced, with 1’ margins on each side and the running head and a page number are flush with their respective corners. The letters of the running head are kept under 50 characters and are capitalized. However, an indentation shouldn’t be at the first line of the abstract. The title should be centered and typed in a normal font.

There is also a recommended double space between sentences separated by periods, no additional space after the title, and the abstract is always kept as one single paragraph, without empty lines. The best form for the abstract is active past tense, with present tense used for assertions and conclusions.

Follow the paper’s structure.

The structure of the abstract is similar to the structure of the research paper it describes. Meaning that first goes your introduction and your thesis, then the body of your work is described, consisting of the method of research and the results, and then the conclusion, followed by the list of key words, if one is required. The abstract’s length usually varying between 150 and 250 words, it may happen to be a more exact requirement in your case, in which the mentor should be consulted.

Organize the content efficiently.

The purpose of writing an abstract is to let anyone who reads your research paper to familiarize themselves with your work without having to read the entire thing. It is a convenient tool for communicating the outline and the contents of an academic paper to the readers who are searching for particular kinds of material and are thus able to browse through a large number of publications relatively quickly. Therefore, the abstract should contain a sufficient amount of needed information compressed into a several-page paragraph. The best and most common way this is accomplished through, is mimicking the outline of the actual paper, while shortly conveying key points and data they contain. For these purposes, you should probably write the abstract last thing, after the main work is finished, because it will be much easier and clearer to see the whole structure and not miss a thing.

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