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How To Select Good Research Paper Topics: Advice From Straight-A Students

The most important, and often hardest, part of any writing assignment is the topic. You have the subject, whether it is science, history, English or any other, but each subject has a hundred different areas to choose from. So how do you pick a specific one for this assignment? The trick is choosing to treat the topic as the first and most important step to writing. That is exactly what it is, the first step is finished and often the hardest step to get past. Here are some tips on how to pick the right one for your paper.

How to Choose

  • Go with what you know
  • Pick something you love
  • Make it easy to research

Go With What You Know

Start with the part of the subject that you know the most about. The areas that you have trouble with are not the parts of the subject to write any assignment on. Those are your worst choices. Go with the parts that you know backwards and forwards and excel at. This will be where your perfect topic lies.

Pick Something You Love

Passion shows well in writing assignments. The more love you have for the specific subject, the better the writing will be. If you love the topic that you know a lot about then you are more likely to be able to write on it with ease. This will also make the writing itself go faster. The more you love it, the closer that paper is to being an A+ paper.

Make It Easy To Research

Make sure that the topic that you pick has a lot of information about it on the web and in your books. The more information there is about this focus of the paper, the easier it will be to research making it the perfect one for you. Research will eat up a lot of your time if the paper is hard to find information about so making this part of the process easy is why you choose that area to focus on.

The specific area of study of your paper will be the most important part because it is the point from which all other steps begin and the point from which you will work from then onward. It is step one to finish an A+ paper with ease.

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