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History Research Paper Topics for Middle School

With the new curriculum standards in the US, many middle schools are upping the rigor of their assignments. This means that students are usually given research papers in history classes along with the literature classes. When it comes to the literature classes, their teachers usually provide the ideas for topics, but in history courses, middle school students are able to pick their own topics. Here is a list of history research paper topics for middle school students:

  • Moving beyond Third-World Status: What countries are ready to be moved out of this category and what have they done to deserve the upgrade in status?
  • Female Leaders vs. Male Leaders: How do female leaders and male leaders differ in their approaches to leading their countries.
  • Legend Biography: What historical figure would you like to know more about? This is your chance to investigate the life of a legend. It can be interesting to pick a lesser-known legend.
  • Investigate the Freedoms: Are the freedoms that Americans get really free? What justifies calling them freedoms?
  • Immigration: This controversial topic is an important one in history classes because so many countries changed due to immigration. Students could investigate the topic from a historical or a current viewpoint.
  • The US and Socialism: Why is this such a bad thing in the United States? Are we headed in the direction of becoming a socialist country?
  • Pick an Amendment: Middle school students learn about the Amendments to the Constitution, so investigating an Amendment is an appropriate topic. What is the Amendment and how does it affect citizens of the United States?
  • Salem Witch Trials: This era of history is always interesting and middle school students always enjoy learning about this era. They can can also look at similar “witch hunts” throughout history, too.

There are a few important keys to choosing a topic. When it comes to middle school research papers, it is vital that students pick a topic that they enjoy. Choice is one of the most important factors for the success of any middle school project. They also need to have some time in class to work on the project, especially if students are not advanced. Teachers will need to walk their students through the process and allow them the chances to make mistakes, so they can learn to fix them. With the right attitudes from teachers and students, the history research paper project can be enjoyable.

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