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Coming Up With Brilliant Research Paper Topics In Education

Most academic writing experts agree that one of the most important elements of writing a great research paper is choosing an original and interesting topic. This is true across all disciplines of study, including education, a field which has grown tremendously in the last half century. Here are a few suggestions you might want to consider when you need to come up with a brilliant topic idea for your research paper in education:

  1. 1) The Bell Curve controversy: Discuss how proponents and opponents have argued each side of this system of measuring intelligence and how it’s created a culture rift between various schooling communities.
  2. 2) New American schools system: Analyze the New American School (NAS) designs and how conflicting school reform strategies affect lower socio-economic areas across the United States.
  3. 3) Benefits of privatizing education: Provide reasons for or against privatizing the school system to essentially make it into a business. Can a privatization bring freedom of choice to a school entity’s curriculum?
  4. 4) Issues with corporal punishment: Most people understand the term to refer to the death penalty, yet it can also refer to caning – a subject that has been controversial in schools for years. Provide evidence for or against using this kind of corporal punishment in schools.
  5. 5) Afrocentric education in the U.S: Do schools in the United States offer fair and balanced Afrocentric courses? Should these courses be limited to just those areas with a high African-American population?
  6. 6) Hispanic American education in the U.S: Do schools in the United States offer fair and balanced Hispanic American courses? Should these be limited to just those regions where there is a high Hispanic American population?
  7. 7) The benefits of home schooling: Provide an analysis of the benefits or negatives that come from home schooling. Is over population in schools making home schooling preferable to traditional forms of learning?
  8. 8) An analysis of violence in schools: Discuss the history of violence in public schools. Who bears the burden and responsibility for violent acts that occur on school grounds? The community or the school districts?
  9. 9) Parental participation in education: Provide a thorough critique of parental involvement in schooling across different age groups. Are students more likely to succeed academically or professionally if there are better family-school relations?
  10. 10) A discussion on prayer in public schools: Should public schools allow students to practice private prayer before or after classes? What are the major concerns determining policy?

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