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How To Make Your Term Paper On Youth Unemployment Stand Out

There is currently a crisis worldwide in the area of youth employment. Young people are looking for work and not finding any; there are 3 times more unemployed youth than adults. There are emerging global programs and networks being developed to address this issue. Because it’s such a hot topic, finding a narrow focus for your topic should not be difficult. The key is in making your topic unique and compelling.

When you have settled on your tightly focused topic and are ready to begin your paper, the following list will help you produce a paper which will stand out among others because of its quality, organization and excellent formatting.

  1. Be as creative and particular as possible in narrowing down your topic. It must be covered thoroughly within the boundaries and time constraints of your paper. Know what your purpose is from the beginning and be wary of veering off course.

  2. Do sufficient in-depth research. Understand the topic and the question you are posing. Know what the current thinking and attitudes are around your topic. Be careful not to lean on re-hashed information. Your term paper should be a new creation and not a review of someone else’s existing work. Have a sense of adventure with this. You are out to discover something new.

  3. After the research is done, you may want to take another look at your thesis statement. Have you uncovered evidence that makes you want to take a slightly different approach? If you decide to refine your statement, you may want to do a little more research to be able to support the new perspective. You will have to decide when you have enough source material.

  4. The next step is outline development. Skipping this step doesn’t save you time in the long run. Having an outline to follow once you begin to write is like a roadmap showing you where to go next. Without this roadmap you may end up wandering all over the place. The outline gives structure to your writing. Once you’ve got all the main headings in place and the supports for each one, the rest is as easy as filling in the details.

  5. Most of the work is done. Write your first draft. Make sure you have followed the outline and haven’t forgotten anything. From here you need to proofread and polish it up.

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