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How to write a research paper introduction: making good impression at first sight

In order to make a good impression at first site with your research paper you need to ensure your introduction is top notch. Why is the introduction so important?


  • The introduction is what sets the tone for the research paper
  • The introduction is what gives the reader the necessary background to your topic
  • The introduction is what introduces the problem
  • The introduction is what tells the reader how you will solve the problem

The introduction is the second most popular component to your paper in that it will be read the most compared to your abstract. The introduction is the part that other writers and researchers in your field will review in order to gain the most important parts of your paper. They will use this to learn the purpose of your study and which methods you used to get your results.

The introduction length should be contingent upon the overall length of your paper. It should never be more than 10% of the total paper. That being said: if your paper is only 3 pages long then it is best to have an introduction that is only one paragraph. But if your research paper is twenty to thirty pages long you will want an introduction that is a few pages in length.

There is often not a set word limit for the introduction unlike the abstract but you can rely on this rough calculation to help you.

The introduction will come right after the abstract and should contain some of the relevant keywords that you put in the abstract so that it can be found by researchers and professionals in your field.

In order to truly write an introduction that stands out and to make a good impression at first site you want to ensure you adhere to the proper formatting and style requirements for your particular research paper. Double check the length of your introduction in comparison to the rest of your paper. As you write your introduction make sure that you use words carefully to make the paper stand out. Do not be overly wordy. Address your results and your methods in the short amount of space and end the paragraph or section with your thesis statement. Cover as much of the history as possible so that the average reader will know exactly what is contained in your paper before they start reading.

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