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Writing Strategies: Examples of Conclusions for Research Papers

Every research paper has to have a conclusion. It is the portion of the paper that pulls everything together. It is the place that wraps the paper up and is designed to reiterate the main ideas one last time. It’s the nail in the coffin.

When writing the conclusion, there are two main things to include:

  1. A restatement of the thesis

    The thesis statement should be restated because it is the main purpose of the paper. When it is restated in the thesis it reminds the reader of your main point.

  2. Something to think about

    This is a great place to put an interesting quote that you found that didn’t quite fit into your topic. If it makes the reader think, it is great to use in the conclusion. It can also be a question that you leave with your reader pertaining to the topic. Anything that makes your reader think about your paper after it is complete is a perfect thing to add to your conclusion.

Example conclusion:

In conclusion, it is clear to see that killing animals for fashion is not going to benefit us in the long run. Many animals that we are killing for fashion are becoming extinct. There is not good way to tell what will happen when they do become extinct. They are a part of the natural balance and when these animals are gone, there is really no way to know what the permanent affects will be. Can there be other ways to get these high fashion pieces without killing precious wild life?

You can see in this example that the statement that killing animals for fashion will not benefit us in the future is restated. The main points of the paper are repeated and included and there is a statement that will leave the reader thinking. This is a good example of a conclusion. It wraps up the essay and leaves the reader thinking about the issue.

Take your time when you are writing your conclusion. Many people rush to get it complete because they are so happy to have gotten this close to being done with their paper. They have gotten the body done and now they just have to throw together a conclusion. Think about it this way. You have nailed the entire paper and your reader is impressed. They get to the last paragraph and you blow it by rushing to get things down on paper. Just think of it as watching a really suspenseful movie that has you at the end of your seat and instead of actually punching out a great ending, the movie cuts off and the rest is left for the imagination.

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