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How To Write An Outline for a Research Paper: Use Academic Examples

One of the easiest ways to write a great research paper is by using an academic paper as an example, and then composing an outline. Basically, instead of stressing yourself out looking for original research you can find a paper that explores a similar thesis and re-write it in your own words. However, if you do not want to be accused of plagiarisms you must re-spin the example to make it original in your own words. To guarantee that your paper is unique, you want to work backwards creating your outline by using the other paper as a model.

How to Create An Outline From An Academic Paper

  • Begin by reading the paper through several times to see if it can be used as an appropriate example.
  • Compose a unique thesis, from the paper that you have just read. Do not copy word from word the original author’s thesis. Make sure that you come up with your own.
  • Draw up a 5-paragraph research paper outline that includes an introduction, three supporting evidence points and a conclusion.
  • Fill in your outline using the academic paper as your main resource. Be sure to re-write the main points using your own words. Always reflect back to your thesis.
  • Also, record the references that the paper uses and make sure that you cite your sources accurately.
  • If you are writing a new research paper using someone else’s work it may be a good idea to find some unique resources to add so that your sources are not identical.
  • Conclude your paper by reflecting on the main points and re-writing your thesis.
  • Take the time to proofread and edit your paper for any spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Run the new paper through a free-to-use copy-scape program to make sure that it comes out as unique. This will assure that you have successfully re-written the research paper well enough to submit it as your own.
  • Hand it in. Wasn’t that easy!

I think that we can all agree that writing research papers isn’t much fun. If you find yourself in a pinch, without enough time to come up with an original paper these steps will help you out. That said; make sure that you are thorough about making your paper unique. Otherwise, you are better off writing the paper from scratch.

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