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What Are the Main Parts of a Research Paper?

The research paper is a common type of essay given to students in both high school and college. The sooner a student understands the parts of a research paper and the way a good one is constructed, the better. There are tried and tested ways of tackling a research paper and one of the first things to come to grips with involves the main parts. Here they are.

  • The topic of your research paper.
  • The introduction.
  • A list of reading material you have used.
  • The methodology and data analysis you have used.
  • The results you have achieved.
  • The description of the results.
  • The conclusion.

These various parts are easy to understand, they stand alone and each part is important and is in fact essential. You must be able to explain clearly the role of each of these main parts. With that understanding, you are in a strong position to create a research paper which, if written well, will give you an excellent result.

The choice of topic will always be important. It may be imposed upon you but if you do have an opportunity to choose your own research paper topic always look for something which appeals to you and which has plenty of accessible and relevant research material.

The introduction like the introduction to any academic essay will include your thesis statement which is the basis of your research paper. Take your time and get it right.

The word research in research paper implies that you have done reading to obtain information to create the paper itself. Keep the list of all the materials you have a read in preparation for your research paper.

You will need to be able to understand and obviously explain the way you go about handling the research material you discover. What is the methodology you would use or have used to come up with the conclusions you have drawn? The results of your examination of information, of data, will be listed under the results you have achieved.

Now all of the above is simply a preparation for the largest part of your research paper, the body paragraphs. Here you give a detailed description of the results of all your research. And finally we come to the conclusion. This is a summing up of all that has gone before. The conclusion will never include new material but will be a synopsis of what you have created.

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