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Academic Research Paper Writing Suggestions for Students Who Get Stuck on the First Sentence

It is high time to start writing your paper, but either you are so overwhelmed with different ideas that you cannot come to the point or your mind is completely blank. You keep staring at the screen hour after hour and nothing changes. These suggestions will help you pull yourself together and successfully complete your research paper.

  1. Change your research direction.
  2. It can be possible that your research question is just too hard for you. In that case, the best way out is to look at your research from a different point of view. Perhaps you will be able to find some aspects that will be more interesting for you, and the process will move on.

  3. Look for some advice.
  4. An academic paper is a serious piece of work, and all your ideas might not seem good enough to you for them to become a part of your research. If that is the problem, then contact your adviser. Share your ideas and describe the direction you want to take for your research. You are most likely to get some valuable guidance from your adviser on what to do next.

    If your problem applies to your emotion sphere, you can always discuss it with your family or friends.

  5. Dig deeper.
  6. You may get stuck because you don’t have enough information on the subject. Go to the university library and do what you are supposed to do –research. Use electronic databases to search for more materials. Ask the librarians for any tips on where to find some useful resources.

  7. Get your confidence back.
  8. Look through your papers that you are really proud of. Try to remember how you wrote them and what you did to make them so good. Were there any obstacles? How did you manage to overcome them? You need to restore the feeling of self-confidence and make yourself believe that you are capable of doing it again.

  9. Ask a question and answer it.
  10. Don’t think of all the amount of work you should do. It will make anyone lose their balance. Imagine that you are just answering someone else’s questions. Think of possible questions that you may be asked about your topic and respond to them. Your response may take some paragraphs, or even the entire section.

  11. Set yourself easy objects.
  12. The trick is to concentrate on small tasks that are easy to fulfil, for example, to write a paragraph. It is much easier than writing a section. Reward yourself after achieving each goal.

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