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7 Best Ideas For Psychology Of Learning Term Paper Topics

Considered to be a theoretical science, the psychology of learning provides the opportunity for a lot of excellent topics for high school, college or graduate term papers. But students at each of these levels sometimes struggle to get started on their project early enough in the semester then have a hard time coming up with a unique and interesting topic to work on. Pretty soon the deadline which was once months away is just a few weeks away. We’ve put together seven best ideas for your project. Feel free to use them as your own or let them inspire you to develop your own ideas:

  1. 1. The origins of this theoretical science can be traced back to the time of Socrates. What can be learned about its evolution when you compare and contrast what Socrates had to say with what psychologists now say about the subject?
  2. 2. Pavlov’s now famous experiment involving a dog and his response to stimuli by salivation (hunger) presented a process that we now refer to as classical conditioning. What have experiments since Pavlov’s time contributed to the work he pioneered? What have they proven or disproven about the way humans learn?
  3. 3. Punishment and reinforcement as learning tools is a method used in the operant conditioning style of learning studied by the noted psychologist B.F. Skinner. How has academic education utilized similar methods to effectively punish and reward students for progress in school?
  4. 4. With so much technology surround humans today, is it right to think that a new form of media learning should be considered as sub-topic for the psychology of learning? Why or why not? And what do recent studies say about this phenomenon?
  5. 5. Historically, how have we used the various schools of psychology learning to try to understand human behavior? How has our understanding of human behavior changed because of the contributions that this science has brought to the table?
  6. 6. What do the theories inherent in the psychology of learning have to say about what goes on during human participation in hobbies or past times? Are these periods of non-learning or are they integral to learning in other ways that are still a mystery?
  7. 7. How has this science played a role in the way leaders and managers guide their employees? Are sensitivity trainings and other office related development programs in existence because of the theories that the psychology of learning have introduced?

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