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15 Winning Research Paper Writing Ideas About Technology

Research papers are a major component of your educational career, from late elementary school all the way through graduate school. Especially in high school and undergraduate university classes, you’ll have to write quite a few research papers. This type of writing is informative, cites sources meticulously, and makes a logical and fact-based claim or argument about its subject. In many cases, when you’re learning how to write research papers, you’ll have a good deal of freedom of choice for your topic. One of the richest areas to look for subject material is the topic of technology. Naturally, “technology” is a rather broad subject on its own. There are many subtypes of technology, including computer science, biotechnology, space travel, and more. Technology impacts many other areas of human existence, like literature, culture, and climate studies.

  1. 1. Implications of Cloning Technology. The ability to create genetic clones of organisms has been a major technological innovation of the last few decades. You could discuss how cloning is used, the ethical considerations surrounding it, and what developments the future might hold.
  2. 2. Rates of Technological Change Through Time. Nowadays, we’re living in a world of rapid technological advancement in several areas, but this wasn’t always the case. The rate of change in technology has varied considerably over different periods of time. For example, humans spend tens of thousands of years using stone tools and other basic technologies to live a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. It was a mere ten thousand years ago that farming, metallurgy, and other technological advancements began to develop. The rate of change over the past fifty years, or even the past one hundred and fifty years, has been considerably more rapid. The reasons for this are worth examining in an academic research paper.
  3. 3. Technology and the Military. How has technological advancement impacted warfare, either throughout history, or over the last century?
  4. 4. Information Technology and Education. Access to detailed information, and consequently to education, has skyrocketed with the growth of household Internet access. Free open college courses are increasing people’s access to advanced education.
  5. 5. Technology and Social Interactions. Technology is playing a large role in modern communications, with many children and teenagers today completely used to texting, email, and other digital means of communicating with others. How is this affecting social interactions, social norms, and individuals’ social skills?
  6. 6. What technological developments might occur in twenty years? Based on current technology, what advancements might be on the near horizon?
  7. 7. Are Video Games Addictive? The technology of video games has led to a new clinical disorder, video game addiction, which is worth examining in a paper.
  8. 8. Genetic Screening Technology. Genetic screening could help parents identify whether their child will be born with certain heritable disorders.
  9. 9. Self-Driving Cars. The ongoing development of self-driving cars is promising to revolutionize transportation as we know it. How will this affect society?
  10. 10. Organ Transplant Technology. New technologies could improve organ transplantation techniques, even to the point of growing individual organs in laboratories.
  11. 11. Food and Technology. How has technology, from combine harvesters to genetically modified crops, impacted modern agriculture?
  12. 12. Technology and the Human Lifespan. How will future technology help to reduce disease and degeneration, increasing the length of time that the average human has to live?
  13. 13. Technology and Mental Health. How are new medical technologies, from better functional neuroimaging to new techniques like transcranial magnetic stimulation, impacting the development of new approaches to mental health?
  14. 14. Social Media Technology and Privacy. How has the growth of social media impacted people’s idea of what kinds of privacy they should expect?
  15. 15. Technology and Literacy. Is the growth of internet content and other technology changing the ways that people read?

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