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Medical Research Paper Topics: Get Ready For Writing

Medical research paper topics require you to follow the necessary procedures for research papers, just as you would for any other topic. You must clearly state your thesis and look for supporting evidence to back up your argument. However, when writing a medical research paper, you must also make sure that your supporting sources come from the American Medical Association style guide.

Follow these steps

  • Decide on the topic and search for available medical research on it.
  • Identify sources that you can use to support your thesis.
  • Get the opinion and advice of your professor.
  • Study relevant research papers so that you can take an original approach.

When it comes to medical research there are two basic approaches that the student has to follow.

  • The writer has to perform original research.
  • A hypothesis is required that cites previous findings and observations and results.

Another option:

  • The paper reviews already published research and analyzes it.
  • The paper considers the pros and cons and highlights future research areas.

Sources should include the following:

  •   Interviews with specialists on the subject.
  •   Precise details of written sources, including name of author, date, publisher.
  •   The use of quotation marks and the correct attribution.
  •   Notes and organized sources.

Create an outline for your research paper to give a clear sense of direction. When writing the research paper, make sure that:

  •   The paper is formatted correctly with a standard font such as Times New Roman Type 12.
  •   Double space the paper.
  • Create a cover page with title, short title, student’s name, course and semester.
  • Complete a summary, which details your argument or thesis and its main points.
  • Write an introduction for the topic.
  • Write your paper in logical flowing paragraphs presenting your evidence, which supports your hypothesis.
  • Write your conclusion summarizing the main points of your paper and any applications it may have.
  • List your sources using the American Medical Style Guide in the reference page.
  • Make sure that authors are listed by name, year of publication and page number.

Edit your research paper very carefully and a number of times. Have others proof read it also. Make sure the formatting is correct and avoid using the work of others and claiming it is as your own (plagiarism). Get the feedback and opinion of your professor.

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