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Social Science Research Paper Topics: Studying Contemporary Issues

Certain aspects of our society are currently in the spotlight. The trick to a good social science research paper is taking these aspects and focusing in on them. Answer the following topics with in-depth research for your next assignment.

Is there a decreased problem of drug abuse in countries where those same drugs have been legalized?

Do nations with lenient drug laws have less drug related problems such as crime and overdose incidents? Scrutinize at least three such countries and compare some of their statistics to those of your own country.

Which countries have the best government system: What can we learn from their governing tactics?

Word has it that certain western European countries have it all worked out. Pick a social issue and find out which country has the best track record regarding that issue. Then, ask whether your own government should tear a leaf out of their book.

What are the moral implications of cloning: Is it happening more than we know and who is regulating it?

Take a look at what we know about cloning, and speculate a little as to what we don’t. Get your readers thinking about the moral implications of going down this road at all.

What effect do the Olympic Games have on the pride and culture of a country?

Does winning that elusive gold medal leave an important impression on the image of a country and its people? Elaborate on this in your research paper.

What can we as a diverse society learn from the mutualistic relationships of animals?

Between, racism, classism, and sexism; what lessons can we learn by studying the behavioural interactions of animals of different species?

Single parent families versus parent couples: A comparison

Look at the statistics of children who come from either type of home. Measure things like:

  • Job success
  • Contribution to society
  • Family life
  • Education
  • Do a comparison and discuss the results.

What are some of the concerns involved with home schooling?

Home schooling is becoming more and more popular amongst parents who insist on teaching their kids the principles they hold dear. But are there any drawbacks to this form of education?

At what age should kids be allowed to watch television: Considering some alarming studies

Take a harsh look at several studies pertaining to kids and television. Now ask your reader the honest question: Should kids be allowed to watch television during their formative years?

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