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Professional advice on how to write a thesis statement in a research paper

Anyone who is asked to write a research paper will know that the thesis statement is the foundation for the success of their work. If they make a poor effort in creating a thesis statement, the rest of their writing experience will be fraught with trouble. All the more reason why you, the student, should get professional help on this very topic. Professional help of course can involve the academic staff at your educational institution and for their advice you will not pay. However, you can go online and seek assistance from those who provide homework help and tutoring on a variety of subjects. For this you will have to pay.

If you do seek professional help, these are the sorts of things you will receive advice on and information about. By following these steps, you will greatly assist yourself in creating an ideal thesis statement.

  • Why is your thesis statement important?
  • How can you make your thesis statement more specific?
  • What supporting evidence have you gathered to use in relation to your thesis statement?
  • What evidence is there as a counter argument against your thesis statement?
Once you have written your thesis statement, give yourself the task of listing the reason or reasons why it is important. If you struggle to answer this question then you have either chosen the wrong thesis statement or expressed it badly. It is vitally important that your statement is vitally important. Remember the thesis statement is the foundation of the building of your house.

A big mistake many students make in creating a thesis statement is that it is too general or too broad. You need to make it as specific as possible. That way you can write in depth about the thesis statement and not be caught up in writing a small amount of information about a variety of points.

Before you begin your research paper, your thesis statement must have a body of work to support it. This involves research on your behalf. Make a list of all the research resources you have found which contain relevant information. Are you well-equipped to write a strong supporting case in favour of your thesis statement?

Likewise, how much evidence is there which refutes the argument you plan to make? If there is considerable evidence and you are able to argue well against it, you will reinforce the power of your research paper.

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