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Where to look for advice on how to write a perfect thesis

There are plenty of places to look for advice on how to write a perfect thesis but there are two interesting points to consider first of all. What sort of help do you want? How do you want to approach the situation?

The type of help you need will directly impact the venue or resource you should seek. There are just so many aspects of writing a perfect thesis that not everyone or every single source will provide every amount of assistance. So start by making a list of the things you need as far as help is concerned. It could be one or more of the following.

  • The topic and the title of your thesis.
  • The timetable or work program you will undertake.
  • The pitch or thesis statement that you need to create.
  • The type and amount of research material you will need to discover.

Of course there can be many other aspects of the thesis on which you are looking for advice. But before you go looking, make sure you know exactly what are your needs and requests. When you know that, you are in a better position to narrow down the ideal people and places for advice.

There are basically three broad areas which can provide advice

  • Your supervisor and other academic staff members at your college.
  • Fellow thesis writers.
  • The many and varied websites which offer advice for thesis writers.

It goes without saying that the person you have chosen to be the supervisor of the writing of your thesis is an ideal person from whom you can seek advice. You will have consulted with them from the very beginning as far as the topic, time scale, thesis statement and other things are concerned. Then there will be other members of the teaching faculty at your college. They too can be a source of advice.

You can get a wealth of information from people who have recently or are currently writing a thesis. They will have tackled a variety of problems some or all of which may now be relevant for you. Talking things over with a fellow traveller so to speak can be a great source of assistance.

Finally it has to be seen to be believed the variety of websites which offer advice on writing a perfect thesis. Again you need to be sure that the specific need you have is being addressed in a particular website and also that the bona fides of this website are acceptable. Getting bad advice is the same as getting no advice.

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