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A List of Good Research Paper Topics for College English Class

From poems to fiction; and everything in between. For English research paper topics that speak of the English language itself, you can use the following list of 6 suggestions for your next paper.

  1. The best method of researching an English paper by means of utilizing the library

    Give your reader a step by step methodology-type research paper on the best avenue to take when researching and writing an academic paper. Focus on assisting the type of person who doesn’t have access to the internet, showing him or her a workable system that will benefit them despite their lack of online resources.

  2. Similarities between the Christian symbolism behind Tolkien and Lewis’ fantasy writings

    The popularization of JR Tolkien and CS Lewis stories via film have brought these two men’s writings under the spotlight. Take a look at the personal religious lives of both and discuss the symbolic characters of Aslan, Frodo, Gandalf, and The White Witch.

  3. Speculative research paper on the hidden intentions pictured by Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Bridal Ballad”

    Take an argumentative approach to your research paper and find something in Poe’s Bridal Ballad that speaks to you. Proceed then to argue a deeper meaning in a given section. You can use this for any poem, but Edgar Allen Poe’s will probably provide you with the most material in terms of hidden meanings and dark innuendos.

  4. What is alternate history? Analyzing the fictional works of Susanna Mary Clarke

    Start off by defining the less-known genre of alternate history. Then, take a look at Susanna Clarke’s contribution to this genre.

  5. The socialist message that surfaced in HG Wells’ writings

    Look at the socialist beliefs of HG Wells and how those beliefs influenced his work. Being someone who was so openly socialist, how did he convey his beliefs through his writings? What influence did these writings have on the world at that time and do you think Wells’ views were misguided?

  6. The art of science fiction writing: The big names in 20th century science fiction

    Discuss the ways that science fiction is different from other forms of writing. What kind of a person thinks in a way that makes science fiction works so compelling and original? Take a look into the minds of some of the most famous science fiction writers during the 20th century.

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