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What Is a Typical College Research Paper Format?

Basically, a research paper format is a list of requirements or guidelines stipulated by course tutors for students to follow whenever they are writing their essays. In order for the course instructors to accept the papers, students are expected to follow college paper formats. Even though the formats used in college papers differ between individuals, instructors and different colleges, they are particular guidelines that apply to all research papers. In addition, different research paper formats use diverse styles, including MLA, APA among others; hence slight variations may occur. This article lists the general guidelines that ought to be followed when writing a typical research paper. 

College paper format normally posses the following aspects: 

  • The paper should be written on a standard and good-quality A4 white paper – that is 8.5x11 inches. Make sure to use just a single side.
  • Your research paper ought to have a margin of one inch on all sides. Nonetheless, they're exceptions where the sides of the margin are large.
  • When it comes to fonts, students are required to use a standard font of 12 pt.
  • It is not vital to have a title for your research paper unless requested by the course instructor. If you are going to include a title in your paper, then do use capital letters for every word contained in the title. Moreover, the title should be underlined, have a period or even quotations.
  • The pages of your essay also ought to be numbered consistently – usually at the top right side of your paper – on the right margin as ½ an inch from the top. The page number should not be followed by period.
  • Your research paper should be double-spaced throughout the entire paragraphs regardless of if it’s typed, printed or handwritten. Remember to leave a spacing of 1-inch margin on every side of the paper - your teacher will write comments here.
  • Writers should leave a space between words as well as after every single colon, comma, and or semi-colon.
  • Text featured in a college paper format ought to be aligned to on the left side, and every paragraph should have an indentation of ½ inch.
  • Titles belonging to full-length works like books, newspapers, plays, journals and magazines ought to be underline. However, for shorter works – punctuate their titles with quotation marks.

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