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Step-By-Step Guide For Making an MLA Research Paper

Once you reach a higher level of education you will be expected to put together your research papers in the MLA format. The purpose of an MLA research paper is to look critically at a scientific experiment, technical procedure or social critique. It usually requires studying and analyzing different reference materials. In some cases it may also include an experiment component. If you have never written an MLA format research paper before, here are some easy to follow steps to help get you started:

  1. Select a Topic To Write On

    Carefully consider some different ideas related to the area of study that you are writing the paper for. The topic should correlate with what you are studying in class but bring some new original insight to the table.

  2. Look For Your Research Materials

    Once you know what you want to write about the next step is to look for some plausible research resources to use. Remember, when you write in the MLA style your sources must be citable and verified.

    If you want to save yourself time, write down all of your reference materials before hand. This way you have them ready to go for your works cited page later on.

  3. Compose A Thesis

    After reading up and learning a bit more about your topic you should be able to compose a strong thesis. Deciding on a thesis should help you refine your research. If you borrow your thesis from another author make sure that you properly cite your source, and rewrite it using your own words.

  4. Make Up An Outline

    We always recommend students write their academic papers from an outline. You can save time, by filling out your outline in full sentences! Don’t forget to cite your sources!

  5. Writing Time

    Now you are ready to write. If you did your homework (no joke intended) then the writing process should be easy! From your outline think of creative ways to tie your ideas together so that your paper is properly structured with a nice flow.

    If you haven’t done it yet format your references following the MLA formatting rules.

  6. Complete Your Sources Cited Page

    Last but not least you need to put together you MLA formatted works cited page. Make sure you organize it properly and do not leave any of your references out.

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