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Useful Guidelines on how to Write the Thesis Statement of a Research Paper

When writing a research paper, the key to success lies in the thesis statement. A thesis statement is a sentence that states the purpose of the paper and the main ideas. A sample thesis statement might be: The novel Old Man and the Sea by Hemingway conveys the theme of never giving up through the use of the literary devices setting, characters, and vivid description. The three main ideas in that sentence would be setting, characters, and vivid descriptions. There are a few tips to writing a strong thesis statement. Feel free to sue this list as you write your thesis statement.

Check the Research

For each of the main ides you plan on using in your thesis statement, do a quick search of academic databases to see if valid and credible support does exist. You must be able to support your main ideas with credible and valid support or the paper will not be good.

Watch the Emotions

If you are passionate about your main ideas, your paper will probably be very good. When you care about your paper’s content then it really shows. However, make sure your emotions on a sensitive subject do not get in your way of truly recognizing what a good main idea is or is not.

Do Not Be Afraid to Change the Thesis Statement

As you are writing your paper, if you discover that one of your main ideas is too weak, then change it. It is better to change it out than to write about a weak topic. If one of the topics is just a small bit weaker than the others, but still has support, then put it in the middle position. Always start with strong ideas and finish with strong ideas in your paper.

How Many Main Ideas

The amount of ideas you have in your thesis statement depends on a number of things. The most important factor is whether you have included enough ideas to actually prove your point. On the other hand, make sure that you have enough main ideas that you will be able to have a paper long enough to meet the teacher’s sated minimum page length.

The success of your paper really does depend on how strong your thesis statement is. Carefully select your main ideas to make sure they are valid and strong.

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