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Writing term papers can be challenging for students and constitute one of the important sources of marks for their grade. The student needs to take a positive attitude to what may seem a tiresome chore. One of the important reasons for writing term papers is to gain experience in advancing logical argument and learning how to conduct thorough research to support arguments put forward in the term paper. 

The other important reason behind term papers is to improve writing skills and analytical ability over and above the course itself and to prepare students for the skills they will need to fulfill in their working careers. The development of excellence in communication skills is a key skill in business development as presenting new ideas, strategies and products is a key element in progressing careers.

Examiners expect a detailed well-argued and analytical report, which is neatly presented with correct spelling and grammar. The student needs to show that they can organize and write a high-level college paper.

Students should make sure that:

  • They understand and fulfill the assignment.
  • Understand the instructions by the teacher and ask if unsure.
  •  Do not prevaricate or leave studies to the last minute.
  • Take time over research and gathering data.
  • Always back up and save work on the computer.
  • Allow time for the unexpected to get in the way of the project.
  • Make sure the college paper is completed on time.

Pick a topic, which interests you

  • Research it thoroughly.
  • Make sure there is enough data and analysis to complete the required length.
  • It is important to ensure that data and sources are sufficient to complete the paper.
  • Don’t try to complete an assignment for which you don’t have the skills.
  • Always check what you intend to write on with the professor to judge its feasibility.

When to cite a reference

  • When you quote thoughts or propositions always quote the source.
  • Avoid plagiarism because it is unethical and will lose the student marks.
  • Use the correct format for citations and include a bibliography.

Make sure that the paper is typed and well presented with the correct references notes and layout.

  • Use correct margins and spaces.
  • Make sure that the pages of the paper are correctly numbered and in order.
  • Staple the pages or use a binder.

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