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Psychology Term Paper Topics: 5 Inspiring Ideas

Psychology is a relatively old social science which has managed to split itself into many subfields since its inception. The creation of a solid term paper in this subject requires a solid topic so consider the following ideas to help you in your own selection process:

Feminism in the Modern Era

Feminism was initially defined as a belief that men generally received more power than women in western societies and this was something that should be rectified. The movement led to women being given the right to vote, serve active duty in armies and gain access to previously gendered professions. In recent times this focus on equality has been clouded by extremists focusing on female superiority. This paper could discuss the psychological basis for this.

Being Transgendered

Trans-people often believe they were born in a body of the wrong sex which leads to feelings of ‘wrongness’, depression and thoughts of suicide. This paper could delve into those emotions and the options available to those people’s loved ones in terms of providing appropriate support.

Drug abuse and marginalisation

The use of illicit substances has the potential to push people with existing mental issues further into the fringes of society. This paper could explore the effects of this approach on the user’s wellbeing as well as posit the reaction an approach based on rehabilitation might bring about.

Body dysmorphic disorder and cosmetic surgery abuse

Cosmetic abuse allows people to alter their appearance to fix defects or to reflect trends in beauty. For people with inaccurate perceptions of their own appearance, this ability can lead to them engaging in multiple rounds of dangerous and unnecessary surgery to chase an unattainable ideal. This paper can explore the psychological issued that lead a person to do that.

Super morbid obesity and the human psyche

Previous generations had no reason to coin the term morbid obesity, much less to alter it further by adding the prefix ‘super’. The growing obesity epidemic has seen many people become confined to their homes or even their beds by their weight alone. The effect of this on their physical health is obvious from a distance but this paper can dig deeply into how that lifestyle affects mental wellbeing, particularly in a society reveres thinness while simultaneously praising junk food.

These ideas are only the beginning. You can take part of one idea and apply it to another as you see fit.

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